My Top 5 Nutrition tips (that really work)

#1 Eat protein with each meal – Yes meat is probably the best source, but other good sources include fish, eggs, and some yoghurts. (current highest protein yoghurt I’ve found is plain Skyr)

various protein sources

#2 Fake Foods! Really? not the ones your thinking of!…. I’m talking Courgetti (spaghetti made from courgette), Boodles (noodles made from butternut squash), I even found Buttnernut squash lasagne sheets this week!
To add to list cauliflower rice (open your window when cooking!), or just use beansprouts a spaghetti!


#3 Plan & Prep your food – you dont need to cook and tupperware 7 days of meals then photograph it for Instagram! Imagine how that must taste on day 7! However you should know what your having for at least a couple of days then batch cook 3 days worth maximum. Just doing this for breakfasts and lunch makes such difference to your available time and food choices.



#4 These are the best of the best! – These 4 foods contain fantastic fat burning properties try to incorporate them into your daily routine; Watercress, Cinnamon, Green tea and WalnutsFat loss foods


#5 Drink 3 litres (5 pints), of water per day – (outside of your workouts) and don’t drink calories, e.g. fruit juice, try a herbal tea instead. Being hydrated it massively import for fat loss, water will hydrate the cells and ensure your organs are working correctly. Especially the kidneys and liver. Sometimes sugar cravings are as a result of dehydration so another great reason to drink up!


See how many of these tips you can incorporate in to your routine!


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