EPIC W.O.W. workout of the week

Here’s an EPIC WOW! (Workout Of the Week) for you to do at home or anywhere you want!⠀


EPIC WOW 28 Aug 2017

A.M.R.A.P.’s (As Many Rounds As Possible)

AMRAP 1, 4 Squat jumps – 4 Burpees – 4 Press ups ⠀

AMRAP 2, 4 X-Jumps – 4 lunges – 4 Hill climbers

perform sequence 1 as many times as possible for 50 seconds

REST For 1 minute

Go again at the same AMRAP and try and beat your score!

After 5 go’s start with AMRAP sequence 2

this should take between 20 mins minutes,⠀


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