Do these 3 things to run your day 

Either you Run the day or the day Runs you!

Here’s 3 things you can tonight ensure you run your day tomorrow!

1 – Plan your meals,

2 – know your workout

3 – Hit your ‘to do’s’!⠀

1 – Plan your meals, know what each meal will be and make sure you have prepared it, or if your buying you lunch check the menus online for the restaurant or know exactly what your buying from the shop.

2 – Know your workout – What’s your workout? at home, gym session or favourite class make sure you know and treat it like a business meeting. Put it in your diary and don’t break the appointment! Here’s one to do at home if you can’t get to one.

3 – Hit your ‘to do’s’ What have you GOT to get done? List & prioritise include planning the next day too! when you have your list ATTACK it! ⠀

Momentum is powerful once you start you’ll be unstoppable!

Have great day and get planning!


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