Getting the basics right

These ‘Basics’ may seem obvious but lots of people are ignoring at least one of these regularly. (For me it’s number 4!) Get on all 4 of these and watch your progress soar!

2-3 times per week if you’re new or returning to fitness. As long as the workout is challenging for YOU then that’s great!
Eat protein!
Eating protein has many benefits, including helping you recover and keeping your appetite in check. Most people don’t eat enough protein and often overeat carbs and fats as a result.
Drink water!
Keeping hydrated ensures your body works properly during a workout and throughout recovery. Also dehydration often makes you think you’re hungry when your not!
Rest & recover
You don’t  have to train everyday, ensure you give your body chance to recover (that’s when the magic happens!) Try to get between 7 & 9 hours sleep


Keep an eye on this blog for a more in-depth info on these ‘basics’.

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